Our 2023 CSA is now open for registration!
We have seven options for CSA memberships that you can explore below!

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Early Season
7 weekly pick-ups starting 5/24/23 through 7/8/23
This share includes 8-10 of the earliest veggies like spinach, salad greens, radishes, arugula, scallions, herbs, celery, kale, chard, strawberries, peas, garlic scapes, heads of lettuce, broccoli, young carrots, turnips and beets.

Mid Season
7 weekly pick-ups starting 7/12/23 through 8/26/23
This share includes 10-12 of summers best, including plenty of greens for salads and cooking, fresh garlic, onions/leeks, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, beans, cucumbers, summer squash, herbs, cabbage, melons, carrots, beets and more!

Late Season
7 weekly pick-ups starting 8/30/23 through 10/14/23
This share includes 10-14 items of the last of the summer bounty, the tasty fall greens and brassicas (broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts,) and storage crops (such as potatoes, winter squash, carrots, beets) as well as fresh ginger!

The Full Season/21
21 weekly pick ups of fresh veggies all season long, starting 5/24/23 through 10/14/23
The Half Season/10
10 pick ups every other week of veggies all season long, starting 5/24/23 through 10/7/23


Flower Bouquet CSA
A bouquet of our beautiful flowers!
Our bouquet season starts 6/7/23 and continues until 10/14/23,
*$55 for the 5 weeks in the first session only (6/7/23-7/5/23) ** $110 for 10 weeks every other week to match half veggie shares (6/7/23-10/14/23) or ***$209 for 19 weeks (6/7/23-10/14/23) of beautiful bouquets all season long!
Chicken Egg CSA
Free range and organically fed happy hens!
$52.50 for 7 weeks, $75 for 10 weeks, $105 for 14 weeks, or $157.50 for 21 weeks of fresh and delicious chicken eggs!

Blue Spring's C.S.A.


  • Food production that builds soil and promotes biodiversity
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of your food chain
  • Helping your farmers earn a “living wage”
  • Joining a community that shares your values
  • Investing in your local food economy
  • Committing to your personal health

Join the farm and bring the tastiest produce straight from the farm to your table.


These are friends of ours with yummy things. Go through their website to schedule a pickup through us but pay them or whatever instructions.
Heartwood Bakery is Wendy little bio of what she sells
Heartwood Bakery is Wendy little bio of what she sells


What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program in which individuals buy into the farm by purchasing a share. In turn, they receive a bountiful selection of fresh produce every week throughout the season. Shares are purchased before the start of the growing season. This allows farmers to focus on growing and delivering the highest-quality, best-tasting fruits and vegetables for shareholders in the summer.
Buying a farm share is a great opportunity to eat seasonally and try different foods. You will receive the best of what a local harvest has to offer, and experience the fun of letting the season form your menu.
Most importantly, a CSA program establishes a relationship between a farm and the local community. In Japan, the name for CSA is “teikei”, meaning, in a sense, to put the farmer’s face on the food.

What can I expect

in my share?

The contents of your share will vary with the seasonality of the produce.  Members pick up their produce share at the farm, weekly, or every other week depending on the share selected. The share sizes are the same, usually between 8-14 different items.
Each share will typically include one or more of each of these:
•alliums (garlic, onion or leeks)
•bunched greens (kale, chard, arugula, or collard greens )
•“fruits” of some kind (tomatoes, snap peas, summer squash etc)
•fresh herbs (basil, parsley, cilantro, sage, dill, thyme, etc)
•roots (beets, potatoes, turnips, radishes and carrots)
other additions like salad greens, strawberries, broccoli, melons, and sweet potatoes will fill out the share as they become seasonally available.
Check out our About page to see a complete list of the fruits and vegetables Blue Spring Farm grows.

When and where

do I pick up

my share?

The first CSA distribution typically occurs in the last week of May.  We will contact everyone by e-mail as the day approaches.  When registering for the CSA, you will have options for pick-up days.
Wednesdays 3pm - 6:30pm
On this day, we are trying something new! You can put together your own share with our help. We will have the produce harvested and displayed for members to make selections-Farmers market style. There will be a list for the week. The hope is that you are able to get the right amount of produce for your household size, your schedule and limit waste and reduce packaging!
Saturdays 12pm-4pm
On this day, shares will be prepacked and brought out of the cooler for you upon your arrival. Some weeks, you’ll also be able to select individualized items (heirloom tomatoes, melons, winter squash etc). Saturday will also be a neighborhood market day with our farm stand all decked out with extra produce, flowers and bakery goods for sale!

What do I do if

I'm running late

or miss a pickup?

If you know that you will be out of town during your pick-up, please let us know the week prior. You can either:  
1) ask a friend or family member to pick up your share while you're gone.  OR
2) request to temporarily switch to the alternative pick up day that week
If something unexpected comes up, please call or text us and we will hold your share until the following day.

How do I pay

for my share?

If sending a check by snail mail doesn't work for you, we can offer Venmo as an option.  We recognize that a CSA share can be a big commitment, and want to offer convenient and approachable payment options. We do ask for a $100 reservation fee, to be paid upfront with your registration, with the remaining balance paid by the start of the season. If you need special arrrangements, please reach out to us.

What is the best

way to contact

the farm?

Feel free to e-mail us:  bluespringa2@gmail.com
or call/text Jon @ (734) 761-5770
      or Lorraine @ (734) 678-5710